Swedish pop band Garbo* visits The Color Guard, October 2003
(*Garbo are changing their name to Superswede as of fall 2004)

Garbo emailed us and asked if they could come to New York and play a couple of shows with us. We thought their songs were fantastic, and plus they were so cute and nice, we couldn't resist. So we made plans, and when they arrived we played a show at Don Hill's in NYC, and then drove up to New Bedford, MA to play at the New Wave Cafe. Here are photos from the New Wave, taken by one Joe Brown.

Lalena was sick as a dog, can you tell?

Garbo sold like 50,000 copies of their CD after their amazing set. Wow, hot Swedish boys with guitars... (sigh) Actually, Ida is pretty hot herself, but oddly, Joe didn't snap any good ones of her!

It's ironic that David had the NYPD shirt on, because hours later, at about 3 a.m. when we had finished loading gear back into our rehearsal space in Brooklyn, we were standing outside and a cop car pulled over. "You here for a magic mushroom party?" they asked suspiciously. We were so drained it was just confusing. "What?" we asked. After a few minutes they gave up and drove away.

On their last night here, we took Fredrik, Anders, Ida, Kim and David out to the beloved dive Siberia, in Midtown. They got their fill of Budweiser and commenced spelling out words with their bodies, the favorite being "Frankie" for some reason. (Read backwards or hold up to a mirror, and you can see the letters F, R, and A.)

(We don't know the photogenic chap in the background.)