Swing State Mini-Tour
September 2004

We set out on Thursday, Sept. 23, for Columbus, Ohio. Jeanne brought a full thermos of coffee for the road, and plenty of canned dolphin meat to keep Lalena happy.

Not even a full day out yet and the van (Josh's baby) suddenly went "CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK" and we were on the side of the highway with a stripped tire.

Caryn, ever the A.D.D.-spiked athlete, appointed herself "traffic director" and commanded numerous 18-wheelers to the opposite lane so Josh could change the tire more safely. This naturally attracted the attention of a dashing Ohio State Trooper.

He even gave us each a souvenir, decorated with an image that seemed oddly appropriate.
When we got to our venue, Oldfield's On High, we were delighted to have an amazing spread of Mex-style food awaiting us, all prepared by the club owner. It hit the spot!

Energized by tacos and guacamole, we played a great set. As usual at tour gigs, we had to depend for photos on coercing an audience member to use one of our cameras. We are grateful.

Our hosts, Templeton, also rocked the house. They're the cutest, nicest boy band ever (or so says Josh).

We also made friends with this amazing band from Boston called Fluttr.

After the show we cruised Columbus all night looking for the very best "party" to fit our extreme rock star lifestlyle, but we finally gave up and tagged a few buildings instead.

The next morning when we woke up at Christian's house, he serenaded us while Josh called around town for replacement tires for the van.

But first, breakfast!

Then we dropped off the van, and took a walk along the highway in search of a medieval or science-fiction store.

Why, what do you know!

So, we soon had new tires and X-Files paraphernalia, and could get back on the road.

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