Massachusetts Tourette, January 2002
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On the first day we drove to Gloucester MA, to play at Fishtown Artspace with our friends The Operators--they invited us--and Tizzy, and Pazza Ragazza. (Comments by Lalena)
Jeanne was the designated driver, so Jake could hit the Aranciata (a close cousin to Orangina made by the nice folks at San Pellegrino --J).
In the car we listened to Mission of Burma, The Teaches of Peaches, and The Zombies.
It was a lovely day, especially in the McDonald's bathroom (ignore the date at the bottom; the camera has one of those date-stamp settings I forgot to turn off).
The artspace is sort of a creative youth center, and is filled with colorful artwork. I played our whole set with a pen hooked onto my shirt--whatta geek.
Then we got to watch all the other rockers, and hang out with Mr. Joe Brown.
The Operators...
and Pazza Ragazza.
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